Advanced Book Guide

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If you intent on getting one of the higher book awards, you will be interested in this page! Here are some tips and information for finding the harder to get books 🙂

Neopets Puzzle Adventure Game

This is a game that can be purchase and played on PC, WII, or Nintendo DS. The game is heavily based on Othello, and during play you will earn codes that can be redeemed on Neopets. If you wish to have a look, here is a demo for the game, and the page where you redeem the codes that you earn by playing puzzle adventure.

There are many prizes that you can earn from playing this game. One of the books is a no trade item, so the only way to earn it is to purchase and play the game.

I am not for sale or trade!

The rest of the prizes earned from the game can be sold or traded. Here is a list of books that come from redeeming game codes:

Just hover your cursor over the picture to see the title.

Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic is located in Neovia, and can be accessed only if your account is over 3 years old.It is one of the loyal user perks that TNT made, and is full of goodies!

The appeal of the Attic is that it stocks items with a rarity of 80-99, usually at discount prices. It stocks randomly at seven minute intervals, and empties Very quickly, so you will have to be fast!

Everyone is limited to restocking 5 items per day, and you may only buy from your main account. There is no haggling in this shop…the posted price is what you pay. But many other people restock there, so you have to be quick, and have a good eye for the items.


The Snowager is asleep for one hour starting at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm NST. If you visit him during these times, you have a small chance of snagging this book:

I can’t be restocked. I come from the Snowager only!

Festive Stocking

Opening a Festive Stocking will give you a chance at snagging one of these two books:


If you are lucky, you might consider buying a Faeries Fortune Scratchcard, Peak O Plenty Scratchcard, or Icetravaganza Scratchcard. These cards will offer you a chance to win two books:



If you have a battle happy Pet, then you might want to go to the Battledome on a regular basis. Here you’ll be able to receive items, including books, during the first 15 fights each day. Each arena feature different prices. Here are just some examples of the books you can win:


Time limited book sources

Have you participated in any events lately?

Every now and again TNT offers new and different time limited ways to get new books. Yay! Keep your book bag ready during these events:


The Advent Calendar daily gifts
Daily Dare Event
Prizes from participating in plots
Lenny Conundrum Prizes
Altador Cup and Staff Tournament Prizes
Plushie codes (real life items)
Neocash card virtual items
Festival of Neggs
Special Events (like the Save the Wheel Event)
Occasionally from sponsor games
Games Master Challenge
Halloween Apple Bobbing Stand
Annual Faerie Quest Event from Feb 7th-24th