Avatar Starters Guide

There are several different ways to get all of the different avatars, but most of them can be put into categories to make it easier to uncover them.

This guide will help you get a start on collecting avatars. Some are really easy to get for a good head-start. Here you will find the various different methods to earn avatars with a few examples for each. If you’d like to see all of the avatars, or see which ones you still need, please visit the S2 Database.

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Easy Clickable Avatars
The easiest avatars to get are the ones where it just takes a click!
Most of these require viewing a pet’s page, or a certain page on the site.

Visit Halloween Costumes
Visit the lookup of any Baby Pteri

Pets/Petpets Avatars
Other than the clickables, there are some avatars that require you to have a specific pet, or petpet; sometimes the pet must be a certain age before the avatar is awarded.

Have an Orange Grundo, and visit it’s lookup
Have a pet with an Angelpuss attached, and visit it’s lookup
Have any snow pet that is at least 100 days old, and visit it’s lookup

Stamp Album Avatars
There are a few avatars that are given out based on completion of pages in a person’s stamp album.

Collect all the stamps on the Snowy Valley page of the stamp album
Collect all the stamps on the Battledome page of the stamp album

Annual Event Avatars
Annual avatars are only available only once per year, so make sure to take note of the dates they are available!

Have the Mad About Orange Avatar active, Go to the Mystery Island Cooking Pot, mix blumaroo steak, orange juice, and the book Gourmet Cooking for Your Pets. Only available during the month of August
Visit the Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar on December 1st.

Battledome Avatars
The battledome avatars vary from having to beat a certain challenger, to just fighting them. Some require your battle pet to have high stats and/or good weapons in order to beat them.

Battle any Tonu in the Battledome
Battle the Space Faerie (HP 450) in the Battledome and beat her

Game Avatars
There are several games that will award avatars for certain scores, or actions.
Some game avatars are considered very hard to get, and give trouble to even some of the most avid collectors.

Send a score of 5000 or more in Snowmuncher
Send a score of 300 or more in The Buzzer Game

Avatars through Items
There are some avatars that require special items. Some just need to be in the inventory, and others require special steps.

Have the item Chokato TCG in your inventory and refresh
Have the Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory, and Search for ‘Zafara Double Agent’ in the sidebar search tool

Avatars from Dailies
There also are avatars awarded (usually randomly) when visiting certain areas for dailies.

Given Randomly when sending your petpet down the Symol Hole
Awarded randomly when finding the treasure in the Tomb of Geraptiku

Random Event Avatars
Most of the random avatars tie into at least one of the other categories, but tend to be just that. Totally random!

Given Randomly when a winning ticket is pulled from Buried Treasure
Awarded randomly when you finish rolling your cheese down the hill in less than 60 seconds, and get to keep the cheese in Cheeseroller

Retired Avatars
These avatars have been retired through time. Most of them come from former special events that no longer take place.

Visit the 10th Birthday Celebration page and collect the prize on November 15, 2009.
You had to be one of the top 100 players to help save Mystery Island in the Mystery Island Volcano Mystery Plot (Sept/Oct 2003) to get this one.