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New Privacy Policy & GDPR

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Hello all,

as especially the Europeans of you know a new law has been put in to place as of the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For this we have updated our Privacy Policy to make sure it is explicitly mentioned on what data we collect and how we use your data to bring you our service. Please make sure to read through it thoroughly. By continuing to use our service, you agree to this Policy. Should you not agree, please send a short message via our Contact us form so that we can remove your account from the Database. You are also free to delete your own account including all your data by login into your Database account and heading to the “User Admin” Section in the top menu. At the bottom of this page you are able to delete your account.

A new Law to check for Lawerbot

Additionally we have now moved to https. This means that all our connections are encrypted to ensure better safety for your login data, other than that nothing is changing in our service for you.

Should you have any further questions regarding this, do contact us and we are happy to help.

Have fun collection.

Your S2 Admin,


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S2 Book World – Maintenance

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Hello to all Collectors,

we will have to do some maintenance work on the 11th of August 2017. The maintenance will start around 9 p.m. GMT and will last around 4 hours. During this time the site will not be reachable, as we will be moving to new servers. We will keep you updated if anything will be changing.

Happy Collecting.


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Retired & Changed Rarity Gourmet Site

Monday, November 9th, 2015

I’m happy to announce a small new addition to our S2 Content. We have added now for your pleasure a new Gourmet Guide on Foods that have been retired or have gotten their Rarity Changed within their being on Neopets. This means that those Gourmets no longer count towards your Gourmet count if you try to eat them now.

Check it out here.

Further more have we added also a new dropdown on the S2 Database with the same information right at the tip of your fingers. Enjoy.

What I’m not to the liking of Gourmet eaters anymore? 🙁

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New Development re: reading “boring” books

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Many of you have noticed that “Boring” books have been harder to read lately….hit and miss with the workaround working. Well, bug reports have been submitted and thanks to one of our users Mollyscribbles for sharing her ticket response to this issue. It reads as follows:

“The switching languages cheat no longer will work. That is not a bug.”

This poses quite a problem for readers, and impacts the ability to earn a trophy. This will be especially true for new readers especially when a portion of the booklist or booktastic books are not available to be read. Just a heads up for readers, and a reminder to be polite when sharing your thoughts with TNT. Thoughts can be shared via bug reports or to the Neopian Times.

Two new books have been activated:

A collection of short stories that go round and round.

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Thank you S2 Staff

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

I (Andulien) want to use todays News to show my and the members great appreciation for all the great and hard work the S2 Team is doing in keeping this site running well and improving it every day.

Thank you everybody for your hard work on keeping the sites content and especially the beloved Database up to date. As a small appreciation and since Staffers can’t receive the new Guild Rank Trophies each will receive an individualized Staffer Trophy.

If you (Members) feel to show your appreciation, click on the image of a staffer and send them a Neomail with your thanks. Also check out a little bit more Information about each Staffer here. Everybody has been working hard on this site to bring it to todays greatness.


Yours S2 Admin,


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S2 Member Galleries back

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

As we are slowly adding again more Pages to our Guild Headquarters, we have next up our great Members Gallery Page.

Collecting, collecting, collecting…

Our Members have spent a good amount of time to create some brilliant and great looking Galleries. We from the S2 Team just feel it to be right to share these amazing Galleries with all our other Members. Hence we are taking again Applications for new Galleries to be added to our Members Gallery Page.

Our Newest addition is the neat looking Grundo Gallery from neomaniac513. She has put in a great amount of effort to slowly catch all Grundo items to fit into the Grundo Styled Gallery.

Keep Collecting and stay amazed

So join in and show off your Galleries. If you are not a Super Muppet yet, have a look at our Rank Upgrades.

S2 Team

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Rank Upgrade and new Items

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

First and foremost we did a few small changes to the requirements of our newly opened Rank Upgrades for our S2 Book World Guild on Neopets.

1. Collectable Cards Gold, Silver, Bronze has been added to the Trophy requirements.
2. The Game Trophy Requirements have been adjusted to a more reasonable level for the Platinum Upgrade.

On another note, TNT has released new items:

Mhhh… tasty soup and waffles for some reading 🙂

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Guild Ranks are back

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Are you part of our Neopets S2 Book World Guild? Have you been looking for a new challenge? Well we are more than happy to announce that the Guild Ranks are BACK!!!

New Members will start out as Muppets and can slowly work their way up through various tests and required achievements to Super Muppet, Silver Collector, Gold Collector, Platinum Collector.

Due to this NEW ranking system we also had to restructure a bit the old ranks. Muppets and Super Muppets will keep their rank unchanged. The old Ultimate and Elite Muppets will get the appropriate rank in the new System. Retired Staffers will get their new Rank +1.

With our new Ranks we are also excited to present the NEW TROPHIES that you will receive upon achieving Silver Collector or higher. Old Ultimate and Elite Muppets who have received one of those Status are welcome to submit the application for their rank to receive their personalized trophies as well.

So shiny, So NEW, I want…

Have fun collecting!

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Welcome New S2 Staffer

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

I want to happily welcome our newest member in our team pawziam. She has been secretly working in the background already a while on repricing our Database Items. So to all people asking about when the next repricing will start. Not to worry, it probably has already begun 😀
All prices within our DB have been updated again.

Read more about pawziam here.

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Happy 12th Birthday S2 Book World

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

12th Years is quite a looooong time. S2 or back in the old days Spanky’s Bookworld has been here almost since the beginning of Neopets itself.

The Guild and Website have gone through a lot in all these years. From Fun Auctions, to Hackers, to the Closing Down of the site and the Rebuilding from scratch. None the less we Muppets don’t fade away and neither will S2.

Check out our complete History here.

Happy Birthday Muppets

In honor to this Birthday we have some new surprises coming up next week for our Neopets Guild Members. Stay tuned and excited hehe

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