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January News summary

Friday, January 29th, 2016

There has been a bit of trouble with our export list recently as TNT has changed their coding. This has now been fixed, and our export feature can now be used again :).

There remains an issue with some of the gourmets…specifically those that contain the word “grapefruit”. TNT has filters that do not allow that word to be used in Neopia. I know…I know….doesn’t make sense that their own item titles are illegal according to their own filters. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this until their filters are changed.

These are the new items that were released during January:




Make sure you dont drink too much, or you might end up with an upset stomach.

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Retired & Changed Rarity Gourmet Site

Monday, November 9th, 2015

I’m happy to announce a small new addition to our S2 Content. We have added now for your pleasure a new Gourmet Guide on Foods that have been retired or have gotten their Rarity Changed within their being on Neopets. This means that those Gourmets no longer count towards your Gourmet count if you try to eat them now.

Check it out here.

Further more have we added also a new dropdown on the S2 Database with the same information right at the tip of your fingers. Enjoy.

What I’m not to the liking of Gourmet eaters anymore? 🙁

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S2 Book World ONLY – New Feature

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

So as it happens from time to time I have a spontaneous new idea for making S2 Book World even better than before. This happened, now once again, and I would like to give everybody a chance to be part of this and am curious on the response.

Doesn’t it also bug you to see a new item in our list with NO Price or still a very HIGH price, due to it being a new item? Well it certainly has been bugging me, but this will now change with a completely new fix for our Need lists.

For a first response and performance testing this new feature has been rolled out on the Booktastics Need List so far.

If you HOVER over a price, you will see the Average Price of all items, excluding the one hovering over, of that rarity.
So as an example:

For Boxes of Bolts our DB will search for all items with the rarity r86, excluding Boxes of Bolts, takes the sum of the price and divides it by the number of items to get the average.
Boxes of Bolts – 80,000NP
– Robot Lenny Repair Manual – 88,000 NP
– Astrophysics for Beginners – 96,000 NP
– Computing the Kreludan Way – 23,000 NP

88,000 + 96,000 + 23,000 = 207,000 / 3 = 69,000 NP Average for r86 Booktastic Books.

Please let me know what you think about this feature either in the comments or send me a Neomail or use our Contact us form. If it is well received I will rollout this new feature to all other Database sections.

Your S2 Admin,


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Estimate Price to reach the next Trophy

Monday, March 25th, 2013

It has been a much requested feature. We’ve always been struggling if we should implement it or not. But we have finally come around to build and implement it.

Here is our new completely unique feature which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Need Lists will calculate how many Neopoints you approximately need, in order to reach the next trophy. On your have lists you will find the total amount of Neopoints you have spent for the items you have collected.
You will now find this feature for all your priced up lists (Books, Booktastic Books, Collectable Cards, Gourmets, Stamps).

Let’s count it up.

Disclaimer: As usual remember that this number is NOT 100% accurate, as prices constantly change. Further more, don’t get discouraged on any number you might see, as there are always good deals out there and collecting your favorites over time won’t be as bad as it might look at the start.

Now let’s see how I (Andulien) am doing:

You currently need 323 (est. 142,533,772 NP) Books to reach the Bronze Trophy. – Ufff…
You currently need 2 (est. 700,000 NP) Booktastic Books to reach the Gold Trophy. – Much better 🙂

Skarvat has read 2313 books worth around 184,407,593 NP.
Skarvat has read 122 Booktastic books worth around 141,495,183 NP.
Wait, I really spent this MUCH already? Didn’t seem like it 😉

Good luck collecting everybody.

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Little Stamps Update

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Well on another approved request we expanded a bit our stamp sorting. If you head on over now to your stamp full list on the Database, you can view now ALL stamps in their respective albums. Just hit the sort by album page button at the top of the full list. This way you won’t have to navigate away from our database anymore for this feature.

See ALL Stamps? Just getting me jealous…

PS: We got another interesting update coming up in the next few days/weeks, so keep a look out on our News.

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S2 DB Menu Update

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Weeee it finally is time to clean up that Menu mess on our Database. We have so many feature in our Database, that it might be a bit overwhelming, especially for our new user.

So we decided to give our DB Menu a little overhaul. If you notice anything wrong, make sure you refresh the page and else just send us a Bug Report on our Contact Us page. We will get to it as quick as possible. Enjoy 🙂

Mess? Nah it’s just carefully sorted…

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Full Neopets Trophy Section

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Wow the News I am bringing you today has been something that I have been dreaming of putting together ever since I started on the new S2 Site in 2009. This new year holds some great promises. I am proud to announce our newest, latest, and most complex project I have faced with S2 so far.


You will now be able to track ALL trophies that you can gain on Neopets in our Database. We’ve added now also support not only to the game trophies but also to Event & Feature trophies.
With this new edition we have covered all collectible trophies available on Neopets. Our Database holds now:

I want to collect them all…

Please enjoy our Database and enjoy the thrill of getting new trophies.

Note: As this is the initial release of our two new trophy sections, please let us know if you notice any bugs, or wrong entries as well as trophies we might be missing. Feel free to write us also just with wishes, comments or thanks 😉 Just use our Contact Us Form.

Thanks again to my staff and all the members and viewers of our site for the great support over the years.

Your S2 Admin,


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Missing Item ID’s

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Today is another step to get you, our Database Users, closer to us. As many of you already know, we collect for each new item in our database the unique Neopets ID. With this we verify that each item has been on Neopets. As it is not always easy to get each item, we usually ask for help of many Neopets users who own these items. We want to extend this now to all our S2 Members.

You will find now for each section (Book, Stamp, etc.) a Missing ID page. Here you’ll find all items we are still missing an ID off. You will also notice that some items on your Have List have a (Missing ID) written behind it. Just click on it, if you got that item and know the ID and report it to us.

If you are wondering how you can find those Neopets ID’s, just have a look at our
How to ID Items guide.

Thanks for your continuous support.

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Good Bye SSW search on S2 for now

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Well we’ve tried our best and looked into the new way TNT is doing their SSW search, but for now we have taken our SSW Search Icon offline. None the less you can still search all your Items through the TP, SW, and our Auction Genie.

You just have to copy paste for now your item search. No automation.

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Snowager Charm

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

And another Item appeared on the pile in front of the Snowager. Just be careful getting to close to the beast.

So pretty!!!

PS: A few fixes where done on the Stamp List – Got on the Album page few. There were a few links problems.

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