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Monday, March 5th, 2018

February has been golden for those collecting new album items!

Its shape makes one wonder if it was meant to be like this.

Sometimes, the right choice isnt the easy one. Would you choose it anyway?


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Scarabs and Pumpkin???

Friday, December 7th, 2012

With all these Christmasy events TNT is taking their time to slowly release the new Items. The first batch is now out. Make sure to wash you hands after the food before you take a look at your new Scarabs.

Yummy, pretty, undecided haha

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Repricing Transparency

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

As many of our doings happen quietly in the background, we decided to give all Database users a little bit of Transparency in our doing. We got this request from one of our members, and thought why not. You will find now at the bottom of all lists that contain prices, the current state of our repricing or when the last full repricing was done. If you have any questions here or other suggestions, we’ll be happy to look at them, and give you feedback on if we can implement your requests.

Ahh wait those were suppose to go on the items, not me…

A little side note:
We try to do a full repricing of our lists every couple months as this takes quite a bit of time, so as usual take the prices as approximates and make sure to check on them before you buy an item 😉

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Bug Fixes & Item Prices

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Hey everybody. Since we calmed down a bit on our Content craze, I decided to go back and start working on some bug fixes, to improve the back end of our site (Just if you have been wondering if we are doing anything else besides regular News lolz). I fixed a couple of DB issues, like problems with the Gourmet Food export, and SSW searches for items with special characters.

Search for us the easy way again 🙂

If you notice anything else off, then just Neomail me (Andulien) or send us a bug report through our Contact Us page.

Now for some more interesting News on the front end. We have also been steadily working on completely repricing all lists. As usual, there are a lot of items… Here the updates:

Stamps: Stamp Repricing Done! 03/16/2012 😀
Booktastics: Repricing Done! 03/06/12
Gourmets: Last pricing completed on Jan 5,2012 =)
Collectible Card: Repricing done! 11/28/2011
Book Repricing: Done! 11/19/2011 😀

We are up next weeeee!!!!

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Neopets Collectable Cards Info

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

As promised earlier, here is the new content area. Are you one of the eager Collectable Cards collectors using the Cards section in our Database, or have you just started collecting them.

Maybe you are just curious about one of the many features on Neopets, or just read this Newspost; well we got a brand new Collectable Cards section. In our Menu you will find now an Info page just for Collectable Cards.

Let’s play a fair game hehe

We have now added a Collectable Cards Guide on how to get started with Collectable Cards and a Retired Collectable Cards page where you can learn a little about the cards history.

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Welcome new S2 Staff

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

I would like to officially welcome our two new Staff members. They have been working hard on our Database for a while already, and been eagerly working on giving everybody using our DB, a better experience by keeping the prices and items up-to-date.

egyptfrost has been doing a huge re-pricing job on our Book Database, and helping me out with some of our Content. She will also help us with our Collectable Cards Database, since that one seems to have fallen a little behind *ducks*

Where are those elusive r100 Books…

ciaracat has been helping all of our Gourmets out there. She has been working on re-pricing and updating that DB section. As she also loves Books she will also here and there help on the Book DB. We all know that there are just A LOT of Books.

I’m just enjoying those stars 🙂

If you also feel like you got what it needs to be a new addition to our Team, have a look at our Hiring Staff Page 🙂

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Neodeck Collectable Cards

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

It has been a long road of work, but we are happy to present our Newest feature.
You will now be able to Import and keep track of your Neodeck Collectable Cards from Neopets in our Database.

Just like with Books, Booktastics, Stamps, Avatars, Gourmets, and BD challengers, you will now also be able to Import, Export, your Collectable Cards, view the ones you have, and more important for some, the ones you still need. Enjoy!

Collect all of me

On this note I would also like to welcome our Newest Staff member Juney. She’s has been around for quite some time, helping us ID items, work over our Content, and add all those pretty Cards into the S2 Neodeck.

For all these great News, I have also RESET ALL IMPORTS. So you will be able to use your Imports again and don’t have to wait for it to reset.

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