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Booktastics and a new Page?

Yes today we have some interesting News regarding the Booktastic Book readers, but first we want to introduce a New Book Page, that just comes fresh from printing press.

I am history

Have you ever wondered when the Book Award was founded? When the Booktastics Book Store Opened? Or did you know, that Books that you read didn’t use to disappear?

You don’t know the answer to all these questions? Well not to worry, we did a search through Neopia’s history, we traveled back in time to find all these interesting dates just for you. Take a look at the Reader’s history on our Neopias Reader’s History Page. Here you can find all the Book related Historic events of Neopia. Enjoy 🙂

Booktastics Book Notification:
We have updated all Prices of the Booktastic Books. A very interesting thing we notice while going through the prices today, was that a lot of them went up in price rather then down or staying stable. So for all you Booktastic readers, this means either you will try to read those Booktastic Books fast before the price continues to go up, or you will wait in the hope that prices will drop again 😉

Leave a comment if you have any questions.


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