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Book, Stamp & Database Updates

Wow and another long day has passed. Hope everybody got started well into this Week. We got a lot more releases for today. Especially our Stamp Collectors will be really Happy to hear this.
We also update our Database a little bit with a nice New Menu up top hehe
More things are still being worked on for the Database, I’m not gonna say what yet, but I know a lot of people are looking forward to it.

Pssst!!! It’s a little secret

Ups Sorry.
Anyway, so lets get started with Postcard, I mean Stamp collections. First of all we added the New Album “Other Too” to our Stamp Album Guide.
Also our Database received a lot of new Stamp Entries and is now completely up to date thanks to Chad. Our New additions are:

Other Too

Shenku (got fixed)

Well we also have new Books added for all our vivid readers. Our New Team Member Yolin has been working hard on helping us getting the Book list Up to date with TNT’s fast releases.

This is it for today, but no worries, we still got lots more to cover. So Keep Reading Keep Collecting, and drop us a line here in the Comments or in the Chat.


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