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Import Me…. and Me….!!!!

Yes it is finally time, so read carefully. Tomorrow we will release the IMPORT Feature on our Database many THANKS to Richard. I know everybody has been eagerly waiting for it.
So leave a comment here to let us know how you like it, we would be happy to hear some feedback.

We have also added a limit to the Imports, you will be able to do an import once a month. We think this will be enough for everybody, and thus reduce the stress that is put on the server with all the searches and Book lists 😉

And last, we have been working on New Page Releases, so look forward to some interesting Book History that only the old Neopians might still remember.

Now to some New Books that have been released:


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3 Responses to “BIG ANOUNCEMENT!!!”

  1. Jaderae says:

    I love the new import feature, kudos guys. Is there going to be an import for avatars?

  2. fjcormier says:

    Oh,thank you thank you thank you.

  3. luvtolaf says:

    I love the new website and database, especially with the new import feature. It saved me A LOT of time. Thanks to all who worked on this huge project!