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Battledome Plot Challengers History

The current battledome plot got our S2 team inspired to add a new page to our database.

Our battledome challenger section sure was in need of a bit more information. So we decided to add a new page where all our historians can view everyone of the past battledome challengers, that have been available on Neopets.

Nothing to see.

Have you been curious what challengers there have been in the past plots? Well now you can easily find out. We got all the challengers and their mighty strength listed. From the ancient “Faeries League”, to the “Journey to the Lost Isle”, and our most current plot challengers from the “War for the Obelisk”, all of them are there.

Oh how I still remember those times.

Select in your DB Menu under BD Challengers the new list: Battledome List – Plots, and be surprised on what challenger history you will find there.

You think the Obelisk challengers are tough, you should have been around during our times…


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