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AAugh…Mutant Books

Well, I’m back from vacation (and yes, I had a fabulous time 🙂 ) only to find that Dr. Sloth has used his ray gun to create some rather scary looking mutated books. He has slipped them into the book store at Neopia Central.

Buahahahaha…you may crawl on your hands and knees and look for them while you polish my (Dr Sloth’s) shoes!

Also, thanks to those who have sent neomails with information about the Usuki book. The title of this years book is Usukicon Y12: A Dozen Years and it is r101.

Edit: It’s come to my attention that there were a couple of gourmet foods released last week that are now available too. If your pet is munchy for some new foods, you can now get them the following:

Remember to put on your space suit before you look for us


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