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Edible Guide to Jelly World

Today we have an exclusive excerpt of this weeks Neopian Times Editorial. It seems that the pretty Edible Guide to Jelly World, will be released as a Book afterall and has been added to our Database.

Hi TNT! In quest 6 of the Negg festival, I noticed that the ‘Edible Guide to Jelly World’ didn’t get given as an item, like earlier items in the quests. Was this on purpose? Please remove my username. ~username removed

Unfortunately there was a printing error in the shipment of Edible Guide to Jelly World books we received, and we had to send them back to the printer to be fixed. The corrected versions should arrive in about two weeks and we’ll make sure that everyone who should have earned one will get one. 🙂

Me and a printing Error??? Just munch it away.


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