Hiring Staff

Currently we are not looking for new Staff. Once a position opens again we will announce it in the News and here. Thank you for dropping by.

With our constantly growing member base and rapidly expanding site, we are opening up applications for staff positions for some new team players to help us make this site even greater than it all ready is. Do you think you have what it takes? Then take a look at the vacancies we have at the moment and see if something suits you!

Make sure to follow the instructions when sending in your application, or we might not be able to take it into consideration! Send your application to s2bookworld at gmail dot com and put “Hiring Staff Application” in the subject line. Good luck!

You should include all of the following:
• First Name
• Age
• s2bookworld Database username
• Neopets username
• s2bookworld Chat username
• Best way to reach you (e-mail, neomail, chat, etc.)

You should also clearly specify which position you are applying for to speed up the process on our side. The requirements for each position are listed below.

Item DBer
A very minimum requirement for an Item Database updater is a passion for the items from the Neopian world. If you have no affinity with items of a certain category, then this position probably isn’t for you, but considering you found us in the first place, we doubt there’d be a problem there!

Can you decipher the category I belong in?

Please include the following:
• Type of item/collection you specialize in. (Book, Booktastic Book, Stamp, Avatars, Gourmet, etc.)
• Past experience with item database sites/databases in general, if any.
• Do you know how to correctly ID an Item? What is the ID of Neggtastic Recipes?

We are currently looking for the following list: Book DB

Game Guide Writers
Are you a big gamer and would you like to pass on your acquired knowledge to newbie gamers? Do you think you can put your gaming experience and pointers into words? Then this position could be for you! We are looking for several enthusiastic game guide writers, to help us write a complete trophy game guide section.

Awesome!!! GAMES!!!!

Please include the following:
• Past experience with HTML/CSS, if any. (not necessary)
• A short preview of a game guide, possibly a link to past written game guides. If possible, include HTML mark-up tags to show us what you would like the article to look like on our site!

Graphics Designer
Do you like fiddling around with Photoshop (or any other wonderful art program) and the plethora of images found on Neopets? Would you consider your work good enough to be used by not only our site, but our members, too? Show us, and you could become a part of our team!

Pretty, pretty picture.

Please include the following:
• Field of graphics you specialize in. (Website layouts, blogs, WordPress, etc., feel free to list multiple!)
• Past experience with HTML/CSS, if any.
• A minimum of 2 graphical examples of your work.